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Flood Insurance

A major flash flood in April, 2016 devastated the Houston area and parts of the U.S. Southwest. The storm was one of many such devastations that have wreaked havoc in the region going back to March, 2015. Record rainfalls have, in part, contributed to the deluge of flood waters, which have devastated homes and businesses and taken away countless lives.

Damages done to your home as a result of floods are not covered under a traditional homeowners' insurance policy. For those insured residing in areas susceptible to flooding and loss associated with floods will require the addition of flood insurance.

Here is some specific information about flood insurance. This includes the purpose for having such protection, what it covers and the process for obtaining flood insurance. Your independent insurance agent in Texas can help you find a flood insurance policy adequate meet your needs in the event of loss due to flood.

About Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is the result of a program managed by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a program under FEMA. NFIP makes funds available to communities most affected by the devastating effects of floods. The coverage provided covers direct damage to buildings and their contents.

Although neither the NFIP or FEMA issue flood insurance policies, the program acts as a financial guarantor to those communities participating in the program. Private insurers who are certified to participate in the flood insurance program issue the policies.

The Need for Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a critical asset to have of you live in a participating community that is prone to flooding. You know firsthand the devastating impact of floods from a human and financial perspective. Because a traditional homeowners' insurance policy typically excludes floods as a risk associated with financial loss, if you do not obtain this protection, you may risk losing everything.

Work with a Texas insurance agent who is independent and certified in the NFIP program. They can provide unbiased and objective advice on the flood insurance options available. Don't let the devastating effects of recent flash flooding threaten your greatest asset, your home.